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Frankie and Charlie Silver Gravesite and Museum
Date: 5/30 - 5/30   click here for website

The Frankie Silvers Gravesite and Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Frankie Stewart Silver and more details surrounding the mysterious Barbara Blackstone Murder. The Frankie Silver Gravesite has been around for years and is a fun place to visit to find out more information about why so many people still talk about Frankie Silvers Story today. The Frankie Silver Gravesite and Museum is just down to the stree from Spruce Pine N C in Mitchell County NC. Spruce Pine North Carolina has many wonderful local attractions and is located just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Mile Marker 331. Frankie Stewart Silver was a Western North Carolina mountain girl who was the first white woman hanged in North Carolina. She was hanged because she killed her husband, or so the story is told. But, there was actually no evidence or witnesses to confirm this. Frances and Charles Silver and their daughter Nancy had lived on the Toe River just outside of Bakersville North Carolina. This story has been controversial for many many years because some people believed she was unfairly prosecuted because women could not speak for themselves in court in the 1800s. Many stories have been told over the years as nobody really knows what happened that fatal day that Charlie Silver was murdered. Come learn the various stories about Frankie Silvers prosecution and decide for yourself which version you believe.

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